WATCH: Clueless Trump And Carson Phone Call Skit Proves #DemDebate Kicked GOP A$$ (VIDEO)

On a recent episode of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon and David Alan Grier put on their best respective Donald Trump and Ben Carson impressions in what might be one of the show’s best political sketches of the season.

The premise of Donald Trump and Ben Carson discussing the Democratic debate is simple, and the result is hilarious.

Anyone who watched at least one of the GOP debates and the Democratic debates noticed at least a few stark differences.  While the Republican debates seemed to be a bad but entertaining reality tv show full of mud-slinging clowns, while the Democratic debate featured intelligent results civilly discussing issues. This is probably why Trump complained on Twitter how the Democratic debate was sooooo boring, and why Fallon decided to begin his sketch highlighting Trump’s dissatisfaction.

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There are so many great one-liners in this sketch, it’s difficult to pick which ones to highlight. However, just like the media coverage of the debate, a decent amount of the parody is dedicated to the scandal involving Hillary Clinton’s emails. Grier (as Carson) refers to the famous Bernie Sander’s clip “The American people, are sick and tired of hearing about your damned E-mails!” as “the old, angry Muppet talking.” This is followed a little later by Fallon (as Trump) referring to Clinton’s power move of refusing to further discuss the email scandal with:

Yaaas Queen! She just threw more shade than Chris Christie at the beach.

Democratic and Republican candidates alike are poked fun at in this fun video, none more so than Trump and Carson themselves. Just like when watching the real candidates, you might want to turn the volume down when Fallon plays Trump and up when Grier impersonates Carson.

Without further ado, watch the hilarious Tonight Show parody of GOP frontrunners Donald Trump and Ben Carson fumbling to understand the civil Democratic debate:

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