WATCH: ‘Canada For President’ Brilliantly Mocks The 2016 GOP Candidates (VIDEO)

Many Americans have been looking at the Republican presidential candidates for months now, and literally going “what the hell?” Now a citizen of our good friend to the north, Canada, has come up with an idea to save our country from the prospect of one of them being elected — let Canada be the U.S. president. Not a Canadian. Canada.

Canadian comedian Brian Calvert runs a website, “The Canada Party — America, But Better” that he is using to troll the U.S. on everything from gun violence to Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy. Calvert and co-author Chris Cannon have written a book called “The Canada Party Manifesto: An Intervention From Your Continental BFF” that takes a look at many current American issues from the viewpoint of a nearby outsider. It’s plain that Calvert and Cannon don’t like what they see.

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Calvert’s site explains the motive behind “The Canada Party Manifesto”:

As the American election increasingly resembles a production of CATS performed by actual cats, U.S. citizens are looking for a new leader. That leader is Canada, and they want your vote for President of the United States.

Calvert has released a video to accompany the book and website, and his insight on America and our problems is both brilliant and hilarious. As the video opens, Calvert is stacking concrete blocks, dressed in a sweater with a moose on one side, and an eagle on the other. He stops and greets viewers.

Oh, hello America. It’s us, Canada. As your whitest neighbor, we realize you don’t think about us very much. But that’s ok. Sometimes being on your radar isn’t such a good thing. But we’ve been thinking about you. And I think I speak for all Canadians when I say — ‘What the f*ck?’

Indeed. But that’s just the beginning. The next two minutes are one hilarious jab at America after another, mainly at the expense of Republicans and conservatives. For example, a picture of Donald Trump appears next to Calvert, who says, “What is this? What is it? Did America lose a bet?”

This short video will be one of the best things you see today. And it’s sad, but everything that Calvert says about the U.S. is 100 percent accurate.

Here is “Canada For President, 2016” via youTube:
[youtube] Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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