WATCH: Bill Nye Gives The Best 8 Second Response To Religious Nonsense You’ll Ever See (VIDEO)

What would you do if a religious nut job told you that because the Bible says that two plus two equals five, you have no choice but to believe it? Put aside everything you know, all of the information you’ve retained since first grade, and reject it in favor of the dumbest statement you’ve ever heard.

This absolutely ridiculous specimen of a human being makes that exact argument, and declares that if the Bible said it, he would not question it. He would accept it and do whatever it takes to make it work.

The problem is, it doesn’t work. It doesn’t come close to working. The fact that faith has been warped by humanity to eliminate free will, the thing we were supposedly given way back before we got tossed from the garden, is possibly the saddest bit of reverse social evolution ever.

At least we have Bill Nye. Bill Nye puts this imbecile’s argument into perfect perspective, but it isn’t how you’d expect. It is instead the most genuine and perfect 8 seconds of the man you’ll ever see and hear.


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