WATCH: Bill Maher Takes ON ISIS, The Pope And Selfies In This Hilarious ‘New Rule’ Segment (VIDEO)

Real Time with Bill Maher is on the list of the best things ever on HBO. An unapologetic Atheist who isn’t afraid to tackle the stupidity of the right wing is always a welcome addition to my TV lineup. While I, like most, have had issues with some of Maher’s more crass statements about Islam, I try to remember that the man is famous for a show called Politically Incorrect.

Maher’s attacks on Islam typically come at the expense of the fanatics of the religion who, let’s face it, need a good dose of 21st-century reality. Maher delivers just that in a segment about the new ISIS amusement park, the most frightening place on Earth.

It’s a great opener, but it gets so much better when Maher goes on a rant about selfies. If you’re anything like me (or can feel the pain of someone like me), a man in his 40s whose thumbs don’t quite work well enough to be an efficient texter, you might appreciate Maher’s all-out attack on the culture of selfie.

Oh, and the dig on Chris Christie is epic. Another “New Rule” segment to be cherished for a long time to come. Bookmarked.

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