WATCH: Bill Maher Rips Texas On Jade Helm And Reality: ‘You’re The White Somalia’ (VIDEO)

Bill Maher laid into Texas on Friday’s episode of Real Time, calling state lawmakers and its governor out for pandering to the fears and insanity of the right-wing extremists who reside there.

Maher does a fantastic job of explaining why Republicans are so easily dragged into the drowning pool of stupidity on issues like Jade Helm 15:

In today’s Republican Party you can’t call out nutty people for being nutty because, they’re not a small group.  In the Republican Party crazy is a constituency.

After some discussion on why the Jade Helm “issue” is just as crazy as it sounds, Maher calls out the rural Texans and their ridiculous motto, “Don’t mess with Texas”:

Let me tell you something; You are among the most left-alone, least messed with people on the planet.  You can carry an assault rifle into Chili’s, what more do you want?

This is two-and-a-half minutes of video definitely worth watching.

Watch Bill Maher rip into Texas over their idiotic Jade Helm conspiracy theory.

Featured Image: Screen Capture

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