WATCH: Bill Maher DESTROYS ‘Christian’ Conservatives – ‘B*tch Just Make The Cake’ (VIDEO)

Sometimes we get so caught up in our “first world problems” that we lose sight of the realities of the world. Bill Maher puts it all back into perspective in his weekly “New Rules” segment at the end of his Real Time program this week on HBO.

Bill starts his monologue by declaring “conservatives have to admit that they have lost the culture wars when they have to demand the right not to serve cake to gay people.” Maher jokingly added, “It’s not like gay people are asking bakeries to make them a soft p*nis cake that gets hard and squirts buttercream!”

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But jokes aside, Maher then goes on to expertly dismantle this guise of “culture wars” that we are constantly fretting over in this nation. Things that most of the world looks at us and just laughs over. Bill also comically but poignantly dissects the very real conflicts that conservative “christians” have in trying to decide whether to follow the radical fundamental teachings put out by very mainstream right wing preachers or do what’s actually right.

And in the end, Bill Maher points out that the result of all these silly court cases is always the same. In the end, the conservatives are almost always on the wrong side of history and have to just “make the cake.”

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