Watch: Bill Maher Destroys ALL Of The GOP’s ‘Heroes’ In This Hilarious Segment (VIDEO)

Bill Maher’s “new rule” segment of Real Time Friday night was a lesson in conservative heroism. Whenever a new “patriot” comes along, the right is quick to jump on board, turning them into the next incarnation of Republican Jesus to be worshipped by all. Unfortunately, as Maher points out, they typically turn out to be complete a-holes.

Maher brilliantly takes down all of the right-wingers’ fantasies of late: From Kim Davis to Joe the plumber, Josh Duggar to Cliven Bundy with an extra dose of Zimmerman for good measure, Maher reminds us just how delusional the people who vote Republican have to be to idolize a group of losers like these.

It’s not very difficult to understand. The idiotic base the right has been building are too dumb to use the Google, too thick-headed to learn the difference between there, their and they’re and too uneducated to understand that the truth can actually lie hidden in the words that follow a headline.

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Watch Bill Maher destroy the heroes of the right-wing nutjobs.


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