WATCH: An Outrageously Charming Colbert Covers Jindal’s Face With His Wood (VIDEO)

There is one less “tribute” in The Hungry For Power Games!

Bobby Jindal, failed Louisiana Governor and former U.S. Congressman, ended his bid for the republican presidential nomination saying, “this is not my time.”

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Which is true. This wasn’t his time. Nor will it ever be his time in the future.

Naturally, this historic moment provided plenty of material ripe for the picking. On Wednesday’s “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” the bombastic host jeers:

These men and women know in the end there can only be one. We all love watching this horserace and most of these people, like a horse, will be turned into glue. Because politics is a blood sport. It’s like “The Hunger Games.” No, it’s more than that, it’s: The Hungry for Power Games!

Image via video screen capture

Image via video screen capture

This clip is just one of many that we have to look forward to as more of the rivals meet their demise.

Watch Colbert’s “Hungry For Power Games: May The Branch Be Ever In Your Face,” here: 

Featured image via video screen capture

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