WATCH: ‘America’s Best Christian’ Hilariously Puts ‘Biblical Marriage’ Into Perspective (VIDEO)

Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian is an absolutely delightful Facebook page that satirically spoofs the Christian right’s deluded views of how a modern society should operate.

In this video, Mrs. Betty Bowers goes chapter by chapter through the bible and puts a perfect perspective on what an actual “traditional biblical marriage” really is:

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In the beginning of time, say 6000 years ago, God created one man and one woman; they had two children; both had penises. You might inquisitively ask, ‘Lord of Adam and Eve if they only had boys, where did the grandchildren come from?’

A bible-based marriage is between one man, one woman, and the son she seduces after he’s killed his only brother.”

It just gets better from there. Mrs. Betty goes into detail through the annals of the 6000 years of time and tells the stories of biblical marriage from a perspective that only someone NOT indoctrinated to believe a collection of stories dating back to long before the bible was written to be “God’s truth.”


Watch: Mrs Betty Bowers destroys the concept of a bible-based marriage in this hilarious video.

Featured Image: Screen capture from YouTube

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