Watch Adult Movie Actresses Mock Ted Cruz On Net Neutrality (VIDEO)

Instead of trying to #breaktheinternet by showing their photo-shopped, greased up thanksgiving turkey arse for the gazillionith time, it’s nice to see women get naked (these women actually work for a living) for a decent cause and in a comedic fashion.

And that’s precisely what a group of adult movie stars did in the wake of Ted Cruz — and his Comcast-bought Republican Party’s weird support –– of deep-pocketed corporations being able to afford fast internet speeds.

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Adult movie stars Alex Chance, Mercedes Carrera, and Nadia Styles took their clothes off for a legit purpose in a humorous Funny or Die video. In the video, they clearly explain how telecommunication giants are the only ones to benefit from ending net neutrality.

‘Without net neutrality, Internet service providers could create special fast lanes for content providers willing to pay more,’ Carrera says. 

To quote President Obama, poor people should be able to watch porn just as fast as rich people,’ Styles says.  (Raw Story)

The actresses also likened the internet to one massive “free sex party” where people from all economic backgrounds can have sex with anyone they choose. That being said, they believe the party will be interrupted by annoying internet buffering, which is an inevitable consequence of killing net neutrality.

Since uber-conservative Republican Senator David Vitter likes diaper sex, and with the entire self-loathing homosexual party so deep in the closet they’re finding Christmas gifts, Chance made light of the fact that she knows Ted Cruz and the GOP all love weird adult movies.

Carrera also noted that Ted Cruz “is not sexy” and simply wants to pay back Comcast, one of his campaign sugardaddies, by destroying net neutrality.

You can watch the video HERE since Google won’t let us show it to you without considering it a violation of their TOS.

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