WATCH: Adorable Doggy Salsa Dance

The person who first said “Money can’t buy love” must have never owned a dog. If they had, they would know that dogs love their humans more than anything in the world. That’s why they get so excited when they see us even after only a few hours apart. They bark, they yelp, they roll over, they jump, they run around in circles and their tails wag fast enough it’s amazing they stay attached!

For a good example of just HOW excited they can get, take a look at this adorable little dog about to get picked up from doggy daycare. She sees her human and breaks out into a full dance that some helpful person set to salsa music. That’s not just happiness, that is pure, unadulterated love and joy.

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I don’t care how bad your day is, there’s no way you’re no smiling after watching that.

Featured image via screen cap.

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