Walter White Is Trump’s Pick For Head Of The DEA In This Hilarious SNL Skit (VIDEO)

Saturday Night Live’s cold opening this week was downright hilarious. The show opened with the announcement of Trump’s pick for head of the DEA: Walter White.

The setting of the SNL skit was the faux-taping of a segment on The Lead with Jake Tapper. Kate McKinnon appeared as Kellyanne Conway and Beck Bennett portrayed the CNN host. Bryan Cranston reprised one of the most well-known and loved roles of his acting career: Walter White of Breaking Bad .

In the skit, Bennett’s Tapper points out that Trump’s “unconventional” cabinet picks have been the worst of the worst and very few are even remotely qualified for the positions they have been named to.

“It’s almost as if Mr. Trump appoints these people to undermine the agencies they represent,” he says at one point. “Are these bad picks?”

“Nope, they’re alt-good,” McKinnon’s Conway replies.

As for Walter White, he says he is a “big fan” of Trump. “I like his style,” he said. White explains that Steve Bannon found him “in the comments section of Breitbart.” He adds that even though he is just a high school chemistry teacher (wink wink), he is definitely the right person for this job.

“I know the DEA better than anyone,” White said. “Inside and out.”

According to White, he faked his own death one time and since he’s only the third person in Trump’s cabinet to do this, there is the slight possibility that Congress might “get hung up on” this and not want to appoint him. (Breaking Bad fans will recognize this reference to the show’s storyline.)

“Donald Trump and I agree: it’s time to Make America Cook Again,” White finally concludes.

Catch this SNL skit here:

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