Unhinged Trump Voter Goes Off In Crazy Sarah Palin Style YouTube Rant (VIDEO)

Kambree Nelson is pissed, PISSED she says, at the GOP and conservative media for the way they are treating Donald Trump. In a rant worthy of Sarah Palin, Nelson tells viewers of her YouTube video that she has had it with corporate owned media — even Fox News — the Republican party, the Tea Party, and everyone else that sees Trump as an emerging disaster for conservatives.

“I’m about to go on a rant,” Nelson says to start her video. She’s “livid” and “mad.” Wow, that’s pretty serious.

After talking about how angry she is that conservatives are trashing Trump, she asks a question worthy of a Palin or Michele Bachmann. “Do I have to come to a ‘tea party’ to be considered ‘considerate’? And to be conservative?” she wonders.

She aims her comments mostly at party leaders who are expressing reservations about Trump, asking them what they consider to be “conservative.” “Is being a Christian not conservative?” she asks.

Nelson needs to grab a dictionary and look up the term “politically correct,” as she obviously doesn’t know what it means. She says she was raised by a conservative family in Dallas, Texas, then she corrects herself:

Actually [I was raised] in Garland, Texas if you want me to be completely politically correct, because I know people will do their homework.

It only gets worse. After confusing being accurate for being “politically correct,” Nelson says this:

My family is in danger here in southern California. We have people living on the streets. We have vets living on the streets. And I don’t see any red-winged GOP party people trying to make things happen here in southern California.

She later clarifies what she apparently meant by referring to “illegal aliens” who are committing crimes. But until that moment comes, the viewer is left for a brief time to wonder how homeless veterans are putting her family in danger.

Either she writes Palin’s speeches, or Palin wrote this rant for her. It’s hard to say. But out of all of the Palinesque word salad in the video, this wins the top prize:

The one thing that we have respect for, for the Republicans in the 1980s and 1970s is that one thing — is respect.

OK, so maybe Kambree Nelson isn’t always this incoherent. After all, she’s “pissed,” “livid,” and “mad” as she tells viewers on several occasions. Or maybe when she uses the term “mad” she’s leaving out the next part of the phrase — “as a hatter.” We report, you decide.

Here’s Kambree Nelson’s pro-Trump, anti-GOP establishment rant, via YouTube:

Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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