Twittersphere Rips Rupert Murdoch’s Drunken, Incoherent Tweet To Pieces (TWEETS)

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp is of course responsible for Fox “News” and all its glorious dronings to 68-year-old white men, The Wall Street Journal, which is mostly right-wing propaganda for the wealthy, and the New York Post, which is nothing more than the GOP version of a tabloid. With voices the likes of Hannity and O’Reilly to make his opinions known, seldom does the public hear from Murdoch himself.

Murdoch, the ultimate ignorance behind Fox News, took a swing at Hillary Clinton for…something…on Twitter. In what many are calling a drunken stupor, Murdoch dropped a series of Twitter Bombs so wrapped in fail he made Sarah Palin look like an eloquent speaker and articulate writer.

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Come on, Rupert. Yesterday’s yesterday is so yesterday. HillaryNo surely smart enough to know you’re an idiot.

Rupert Murdoch promises outlaw real news. We know what’s next.



First of all, Rupert, if you want something to trend you have to add a hashtag. You may know it better as a number sign or possibly the pound sign.

The good people of Twitter recognize an incoherent rant when they see one, and they love to respond. Especially if the imbecile involved is the chairman of the world’s most ridiculously biased right-wing propaganda machine.

Was Rupert drunk or was he embarking on a new career in poetry?

Money doesn’t buy you immunity from the Twittersphere, Rupert. Say dumb things and you will be called on it.

Ouch. I know I said it once already but to actually read it almost makes me feel sorry for the man.


It would be much simpler to just ignore Murdoch and his ridiculous tweets, but how much fun would that be? In attacking Hillary’s call for an end to inequality and relegating it to a first amendment issue,  Murdoch belittles what America and its constitution stands for. He is the leader of the cheerleading squad for the party of hate. His employees are nothing more than paid puppets willing to do or say anything to bow at the feet of Murdoch and the almighty dollar.

It’s a shame there’s nothing that can be done about it. Well…Not exactly “nothing”; we can wait for his fan base and the ratings they create, by watching that garbage with the volume off waiting for the next wardrobe malfunction, to die off.

That day can’t come soon enough.

 Feature image via screen capture from Twitter

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