Trump Threw A Tantrum During SNL’s Savage Mockery, So Alec Baldwin Finally Made Him An Offer (VIDEO)

In what is becoming a weekly occurrence, the future President of the United States had a meltdown because he was mocked on Saturday Night Live. Only this time, Alec Baldwin seems to have finally decided to take pity on him by giving Trump one chance to make it stop – but Trump isn’t going to like it.

On SNL’s latest episode, the cast took aim at Trump’s inability to stop tweeting idiotic stuff, including – and this is true – retweeting a 16-year-old as “proof” that CNN is rigged against him for disputing his claim that Hillary Clinton got millions of illegal votes.

His frequent lashing out at critics like SNL, the cast of “Hamilton,” CNN, and Jill Stein come at the expense of his intelligence briefings which were set up to prepare him for his transition to the White House. And he clearly needed them. Since winning the election, Trump has stumbled into one international scandal after another because of his sheer ignorance about the world.

SNL’s take on it was a hilarious send up of Trump’s struggles to pay attention to anything lengthier than 140 characters.

In a state of obliviousness, Trump then tweeted about the sketch thereby proving its very point.

However, he would not get the final word in. Baldwin, who has frequently mocked Trump for his tantrums, fired back a response… and a challenge.

In other words, put up and he’ll shut up.

Baldwin then clearly delighted in Trump’s anger and used it as affirmation that his impersonation was striking a nerve. He retweeted Michael Cohen’s simple observation.

The very fact that Trump flies into a fury every time Alec Baldwin channels him (perfectly, we might add) only proves how important it is that he keeps doing it. Thankfully for comedy (and sadly for the country) it seems highly unlikely that Trump will take up Baldwin’s offer to release his tax information. He’s avoided doing so for years and seems content to keep it that way. Instead, he’ll have to look forward to mockery every single week for the foreseeable future.


Featured image via Entertainment Weekly

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