Trump Tells Fox: ‘Barrack Hussein Obama Isn’t His Real Name’ (VIDEO)

Of all the scandals invented by conservatives and echoed by Fox & Friends, Barry Soetoro the immigrant student is by far the dumbest.

Born of a horrible photoshopped Columbia University student ID, the story was that it was the President’s real identity, or possibly he used it to take advantage of an exchange student grant program.

It’s ridiculous; it was debunked years ago by Snopes, and only the dumbest, most ignorant of idiots still believes what can’t possibly be true.

Enter Donald Trump. Ignorance personified, Trump had a little phone interview with Fox & Friends where he informed the public that Barry Soetoro was the man impersonating a President. The show’s hosts, who are by now accustomed to keeping a straight face while “contributors” make fools of themselves, never batted an eye.

They rolled right along with the segment with all the journalistic integrity of a 1940’s German propagandist doing a story on the luxuries of the work camps.

OK, maybe not quite that severe, but it’s ridiculous nonetheless. For three people who are supposedly educated journalists to allow the Donald to make a mockery of their show would be…

Fox & Friends.  Nothing new here, I guess.

Trump is a well-known advocate for birther theory, ignoring the simple fact that birth certificate questions or not, there’s a fifty-one year old birth announcement in a Hawaiian newspaper for Barrack Hussein Obama. As far as I know, nobody has gone back in time yet, but I guess it could happen, so there’s that.

Image: screengrab from video, graphics by Charles Topher

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