Trump Photoshopped His Hand To Look Bigger In This Photo And I’m Laughing So Hard Right Now (IMAGE)

Fans of the show It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia may recall that a recurring character is so consumed by insecurities about the size of his hands that he goes to great lengths to trick people into thinking they are bigger – typically fooling nobody.


Trump, it seems, is that character in real life.

In a photograph flagged by Observer writer Dana Schwartz, Trump’s hand is resting on Obama’s shoulder… but something seems off…

Taken side by side with another shot, Trump’s hand does indeed look abnormally large in the one distributed by Trump’s administration.

Schwartz went further: She found the original photograph (on the right) and the one Trump released. There is no question that his hand has been digitally altered to appear larger than it actually is.

And another Twitter user took it a step further. Here’s how Trump’s crack team of photoshop hand enlargers did it.

Trump may be the vainest person to ever exist. Not only is he still obsessing about his inauguration crowd, he seems consumed by how the media is treating him. Staffers quietly report that they are struggling to get him to do basic tasks because he is constantly watching cable news to see how people are talking about him.

But to edit a photograph to make your hand look bigger than President Obama’s head is… man… that is shallow to the point of pathology.

Too bad Trump has a disdain for therapy and will never get the help he so clearly desperately needs!

UPDATE: In fairness to Trump (perhaps more fairness than he would afford his critics in a reverse scenario), some have taken issue with the idea that the photo was intentionally altered. It’s possible that distortion from it being broadcast on television caused the enlarging of the hand.

Maybe… But it seems a bit too convenient.

In any case, it’s always best to exercise caution.

Featured image via Twitter

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