Tone-Deaf Singer At Trump Rally SLAUGHTERS National Anthem – Makes America Flat Again (VIDEO)

I will start this out by admitting that America’s National Anthem is one of the hardest songs to sing for any vocalist. The song requires a vocal range over two octaves and is renowned for its difficulty. When a singer manages to nail it, it can give you chills. There are those that would say any singer who even attempts the National Anthem deserves a certain level of respect. I am not one of those people. Sometimes, well, you just shouldn’t. THIS is definitely one of those times.

I don’t know who it was singing the National Anthem at this Trump rally, but somewhere along the line someone really should have told her that she can’t sing. It’s like those people who audition for American Idol and are so out of key that all you can do is stare in awe while wondering how no one ever told them that they couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket.

There is a bright spot to this horrific performance, though. A piano player decided that maybe what she was missing, besides musical ability, was a “sympathetic accompanist.” Zach Lapidus posted a video to his Facebook page featuring a split screen side-by-side performance of this disastrous rendition of the National Anthem, with himself playing the piano to accompany her. His ability to keep up with the random notes she belts out definitely deserves applause.

There really are no words to describe this tone-deaf performance. You simply have to see it yourself.

Watch this vocalist Make America Flat Again:

Featured image via video screen capture

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