THIS WON’T END WELL — A Guy Tries To Pick Up Girls Using Donald Trump Quotes (VIDEO)

After noticing Republican primary front-runner Donald Trump’s success wooing intellectually challenged voters across America with his one of a kind “charm,” YouTube celebrity Ari Biau decided to see if he could duplicate Trump’s political success with the ladies.

In the video, Biau walks up to several women and recites some of Trump’s most memorable quotes. The results were nothing short of a hilarious unmitigated disaster which earned him at least one slap in he face and possibly eternal scorn of just about every woman he encountered.

Incredibly, Biau did get at least two phone numbers using his Trump pickup lines. It’s unclear how many women he talked to versus how many phone numbers he obtained, however. (Don’t be surprised if desperate guys try his “technique,” even if it has a 1 percent chance of working.)

If the women in this video are any indication of how female voters will react to Trump in the general election, America may be saved after all.

Here’s the video.

Featured image Screengrab via YouTube.

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