This Picture Completely DESTROYS Every Single Right-Winger (IMAGE)

We all know at least one. These are the people who insist that if we just had no form of government, and no social or collective public institutions, we would have so much Liberty we would literally be intoxicated by it. You know how they are: privatize water, electricity, roads, schools, healthcare, emergency services, policing, no unions, no collectivism, no state of any kind. When it comes to disasters, people simply have to take care of themselves, because public aid = anti-freedom.

Except, of course, when it comes to them. In that case they want the biggest government that their tax money, which they insist is unconstitutional theft, can buy.

How do they achieve this strange dichotomy? We may never know. But the picture in the tweet below shows the hypocrisy in full action.

Small Government Guy

Small Government Guy. Photo: Courtesy of Twitter screen cap

Yes you read that right. His shirt says, “Lower Taxes + Less Government = More Freedom.”

His home and property were saved by government and taxes. Lets all think about that.

If this person was only living in a place where he paid no taxes and had no form of local or state government, his life would have been so much better. He would have had the freedom to watch his house and property burn to nothing but ash, so then he would have had the liberty to start all over again with no help of any kind. I am sure that a hard-working, bootstrap pulling, freedom humping fella like him would have zero problems just whacking down a few trees to build a house and walking to work every day for several months at minimum wage.

This is the kind of nonsense we deal with in our country, and it scares the hell out of me. These people are literally too stupid to be able to understand how stupid they are. Then, when they have an example like this of exactly why we, as a society, need public works and collective efforts, they just blow it off and vote for whomever promises to destroy the government in the name of freedom.

What did we learn today, Mister Liberty?

Featured image via Twitter

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