This Is What Happens When Trump Attacks Trump (VIDEO)

Have you ever wondered how Donald Trump would attack Donald Trump? What would he have to say? Just what words would the narcissistic loudmouth choose to go after himself?

A parody video, which shows just this scenario, is quickly going viral. “How Would Donald Trump Attack Donald Trump” uses a total of 142 audio edits, compiled from 37 different Trump interviews, to bring this fantasy to life.

Want to know what he might say about the proposed ban on Muslims if it wasn’t his idea? How about the massive wall he plans to build on the southern border between the United States and Mexico? Or the idea that our neighbors to the south are going to offer to foot the bill?

Well, this video may not get us any closer to an actual answer to any of these questions, but it can sure as hell give us a little bit of humor and entertainment in the meantime.

Watch “How Would Donald Trump Attack Donald Trump” here:

Featured image via video screen capture

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