This GOP Senator’s Obamacare Tweet Is So Stupid, Reading It Will Lower Your IQ (SCREENSHOTS)

When Senator John Thune joined Tom Cotton and 45 other GOP Senators in sending a treasonous letter to Iran promising to scuttle any nuclear deal President Obama might reach, it could safely be assumed that he was reached “peak stupid.”

Unfortunately for Thune, and America, it is possible to surpass that irredeemable level of idiocy. On Monday, Thune decided it would be fun to tweet that “Six million people risk losing their health care subsidies,” yet Barack Obama “continues to deny that Obamacare is bad for the American people.”

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6-9-2015 2-16-47 AM

Sure, Thune failed to mention that these subsidies are only at risk because of a specious lawsuit filed by conservative activists in an effort to destroy the Affordable Care Act via a technicality — and, sure, the problems exist in the first place only because the GOP has repeatedly failed to set up state exchanges. But Thune exists in a bubble outside of reality, where Obamacare is the worst thing since Satan — but losing subsidies is worse!

The Internet quickly picked up on the fact that Thune’s tweet managed to break the ‘Stupid Barrier.’

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Though one sentence in the ACA is all that needs to be changed to eliminate any issues, Thune says that this would not fix the situation…because reasons.

6-9-2015 2-18-10 AM

Interestingly, while the only people who would be hurt by the ACA would be the ones from whom the GOP is currently trying to rob subsidies, Thune promises that he and his friends are working hard to help the people they are trying to hurt.

6-9-2015 2-18-25 AM


If your brain has not exploded by now, that’s impressive.

The Obamacare lawsuit claims that this one sentence makes health insurance tax credit subsidies illegal unless people go through state exchanges — exchanges that do not exist in many states because the GOP refuses to set them up.

To Thune, none of this matters. What’s important is his ridiculois narrative — and the fact that his base will eat it up.

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