This Donald Trump Halloween Mask Is Almost As Scary As The Real Thing (IMAGE)

If you’re not a science fiction fan, you may not have ever heard of the sci-fi thriller “They Live.” In that 1988 production from director John Carpenter (of “Halloween” fame), an out of work construction worker finds a pair of glasses that allow him to see that some of what appear to be normal humans are actually aliens. Those aliens are in charge of a campaign that uses the media and the government to send subliminal messages to people in order to keep the population compliant and under control.

You might almost think that writer Ray Faraday Nelson, on whose story “Eight O’Clock In the Morning” the movie was based, had a crystal ball and looked forward to 2016, and some of the proposals put forward by the Republican candidates when he came up with his plot. Apparently somebody at the Halloween mask company Trick Or Treat Studios saw some similarities between the aliens and the current GOP front-runner Donald Trump. Trick Or Treat Studios is now offering for purchase a limited edition “Donald Trump They Live” Halloween mask.

This is what Trick Or Treat Studios has to say about their creation:

They Live thrilled audiences in 1988 and and now in 2016, They Live is more timely than ever. With the upcoming 2016 election on the horizon, one must question if, just like in They Live, the Presidential candidates are in fact Aliens supporting the elite class.

There is a case to be made that pretty much all of the Republican presidential contenders could be aliens bent on control of America. They seem to have no clue of the things that are important to average Americans and are only interested in pushing their ideas on the rest of us. You might wonder why Trick Or Treat Studios didn’t do a Ted Cruz mask. But then you realize that no Halloween mask could possibly be as scary as Cruz’s real face. Besides, Trump is the frontrunner, and he has that awesomely hideous hair that is instantly recognizable when it is attached to literally anything.

Trick Or Treat Studios is currently taking pre-orders for the masks, which will ship in late summer. If you want one, you can pre-order yours here, for $69.99, plus shipping and handling of course. Better get yours now. This will likely be HUGE.

via Trick Or Treat Studios

via Trick Or Treat Studios

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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