This Clip Of Trump Being Frightened By A ‘Protester’ Is Absolutely AWESOME (VIDEO)

Donald Trump held a rally in Dayton, Ohio over the weekend, fresh on the heels of the cancellation of his planned event in Chicago. While speaking to his assembled supporters who had gathered in a hangar, with his jet emblazoned with “Trump” as a backdrop, a protester rushed the stage.

The Cincinnati Enquirer describes what happened:

A man who was ‘yelling and flailing his arms’ tried to rush the stage at Donald Trump’s first Ohio rally this weekend, hours after scuffles between supporters and protesters helped to cancel a Trump event in Chicago.

The man jumped a barrier surrounding the stage where the GOP frontrunner spoke but was tackled by law enforcement officers, said Dayton Police K9 officer Nathan Spelman. People in the audience cried out, and several security officers were seen jumping onto the stage around Trump. He then told the audience of thousands: ‘Thank you for the warning. I was ready for him, but it’s much easier if the cops do it.’

He was “ready for him” alright. The look on Trump’s face, and his reaction as secret service agents rushed to the stage to protect him suggest that The Donald may have needed to retreat to the privacy of his jet in order to put on a clean pair of Depends.

On Sunday, Trump blamed Bernie Sanders for sending protesters to disrupt his rallies, and tweeted a thinly veiled threat to the Democratic candidate:

Trump Tweet

To which the official organization representing Sanders’ millennial supporters, “Millennials 4 Bernie” replied:

M4B Tweet

Of course with the internet being what it is, somebody decided to have some fun with Trump’s threat and the incident at the Dayton rally. A Giphy user with a great sense of humor who goes by the screen name “manx377” created and shared a hilarious GIF that purports to show who really charged the stage, and Trump’s terrified reaction to him. It’s nothing short of awesome. Enjoy.


Featured image via CBS screengrab


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