This Chart Proves How Uneducated Republican Candidate Supporters Are – Especially Trump’s! (IMAGE)

If you want to measure how much positive appeal a presidential candidate has, you can simply check his or her Facebook page. Check out the comments posted by supporters, for example, to see how many compliments are offered.

You can also use this same method, however, to determine how educated those supporters are. And when it comes to the Republican candidates, well … let’s just say those G-O-P supporters need to go back to S-K-O-O-L. For example, take this intellectual beauty from a supporter of Sen. Marco Rubio, which The Washington Post caught in a recent review:

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Rubio will be president he is the most inteligent when it comes to foreign afairs and matters of state.

The frequency of such spelling and punctuation errors recently caught the interest of Grammarly, which released its own analysis of those supporter comments on October 7. This copyediting program company analyzed the “obviously positive or neutral comments” posted on the Facebook page of each presidential candidate, scouring for misspellings, grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, and capitalization errors. Grammarly says:

Whoever your pick for POTUS, one thing’s certain—political topics inspire passionate discussions. With a light heart and heavy-hitting algorithms, we visited each candidate’s official Facebook page and looked at the comments there to see how well their supporters handle themselves when they communicate their ideas in writing.

Calculating a rating based on number of errors per every 100 words, Grammarly then ranked each candidate’s Facebook followers by use of proper English.

And the results? Well, you non-Republicans will be proud to know that the five Democrats top the list, holding a low average of only 4.2 errors per 100 words, while the 14 GOP candidates scored more than double that amount with 8.7.

Analyzing each candidate’s page individually, the followers of Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina tied for fifth, with each group scoring a mere 6.3 in error ratings. Republican Donald Trump is at the bottom of the list, though, even though he’s at the top of his party’s polls. (But admit it, now; you expected that, didn’t you?)

Peruse the chart below:

Presidential Debate Grammar Power Rankings
(Image courtesy “Grammarly Check”)

Featured image via Clip Art

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