This Anti-Feminist Hashtag On Twitter Was Created By Neo-Nazis (IMAGES)


It was late Sunday night when a small but concentrated group of Twitter users started a #BringBackThePatriarchy hashtag game. And its chauvinistic pleas to return men to the garage and women to the kitchen? They quickly escalated – all the way to calls for men to protect the cave while women wear chastity belts. They got much worse, too, even to a point of hilarity.

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Now, some might find its late-Sunday launching time to be odd for a hashtag game, as if its creators sneakily chose this odd day hour to get it onto social media without risk of objection. A more valid explanation, however, might be that Sunday Night Football had just ended. You see, almost all of its participants were male. (The “females” playing along were likely to be men using dummy accounts.)

And as the hashtag game continued, it became obvious that these weren’t just males, they were ugly males. Insecure males. Unmanly males. Males that can’t get dates so they play on their iPhones while sitting in the basement of their parents’ home in their Spiderman undies instead of doing their homework kind of males. Who aren’t just sexists, but xenophobic Neo-Nazi racists, too; that became more apparent as the hashtag game progressed.

To read all of the silly, anti-feminist entries would be a waste of time, especially since the hashtag quickly diverted to many alternate tangents of even more ridiculousness. If You Only News did get enough from that Twitter game to offer you this condensed version, though.

Here’s how #BringBackThePatriarchy progressed over the late night and early morning:

The opening theme was that male dominance was good for women, and for women’s safety, too.

fem group 1 a fem group 1 b fem group 1 c

So let’s just go back to 1950, “Leave it to Beaver,” and “Father Knows Best”!

antifem 21 antifem 25 antifem 54 antifem 62

Even better, let’s go back to the Victorian Era – or better yet, Camelot!

antifem 17

antifem 6

Did you know that feminism turns women into fat lesbians?

antifem 7 fem fat les 1 fem fat les 2 fem fat les 3

Subservient women would be good for the family…

fem family 1

…good for the country…

fem country

…good for politics, even….

fem politics

…good for religion…

antifem 16

…and good for the entire universe!

fem universe

Barefoot, pregnant, and unemployed!

fem career

Then the hashtag game quickly began a new and much worse direction towards racism.

fem race 1 fem race 2

antifem 85

An anti-Muslim message came out, too.

fem muslim

And then all the Nazis came out to play, turning the theme from anti-feminism to anti-Semitism.

antifem 12 fem jewish 1


There were some very funny retorts from folks who took offense at this hashtag game, thankfully.

fem replies 1 fem replies 2 fem replies 3

Please note that the exact origin of this hashtag couldn’t be determined, especially since its American participants appeared to be joined by some from the UK and Sweden. And when they were asked, the only replies were juvenile, like these below. (At least those replies confirmed assumptions of their small penis complexes, however, which appears to be another impetus to their silly hashtag game.)

fem reply first  fem reply other

fem question 1

fem reply last

Featured image acquired from Twitter (modified)


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