These Donald Trump Horror Movie Memes Are Hysterical! (IMAGES)

It’s that time of year again. The creepiest of all creepy crawlies is rising to the top as he captures everyone’s attention with fear and shock and gore!

We’re not talking about Halloween or the Headless Horseman, however. We’re talking about Donald Trump and the Republican presidential primary. What’s scarier than picturing him in the Oval Office, right? ‘Nuff said.

But an online design company recently completed a contest, in which its fans and clients were invited to submit spoofs of horror movie scenes that featured Trump.

The entries to the contest are friggin’ hysterical!

It started when folks with DesignCrowd just so happened to find a picture of Trump photoshopped into a scene from the classic horror cult movie, “The Shining.” The online design company then asked its clients and followers to create similar memes.

We all wondered what it would look like if Mr. Trump was photoshopped into a whole host of other well-known horror movie scenes – this is where you guys come in!

We want you to find high-res images of Donald Trump, and photoshop him into scary/horror/slasher movie scenes.

And the responses came pouring in; 62 designers submitted 124 entries, using everything from modern-day gore flicks to Hitchcock classics.

Check out some of the best ones below!

Here’s the one from “The Shining” that planted the seed for DesignCrowd.


That inspired a contributor to apply The Donald’s face to another scene from that same flick.


“Friday the 13th” was used often, as was the “Alien” series.

10 trump




From “Silence of the Lambs.”

13 trump

The terms “Trump” and “Psycho” do complement each other well, don’t they?


Here’s one from the more recent “Saw” series.

11 trump

This one from “An American Werewolf in London” is brilliant; great job!

12 trump

You can’t leave out “The Exorcist,” can you?


The funniest of the collection is a spoof of the “Jaws” promo poster, and by far.


But DesignCrowd selected this classic as the winner.

15 trump

If you’d like to see the many other memes from the collection, visit DesignCrowd’s site!

Featured image from DesignCrowd

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