The Worst of Black Friday 2014: Brawls Over Panties, TVs and Other Insanity (VIDEOS)

It’s that time of the year again, folks.

It’s a special time of cheer and celebration.

It’s the holidays.

More namely, it’s “Black Friday.”

By now, hopefully everyone has already stuffed their faces with Thanksgiving turkey and cornbread, and grandma’s homemade cranberry sauce – a personal favorite, I must say.

Now, its time to spread the cheer in another way and battle it out at the local mall, with other equally as festive cheer-goers.

Please do not try this while shopping (or at home with your brother or sister, either).

Our first video shows a pair of ladies get in a heated discussion over a very important topic – cheap underwear. It’s not entirely clear what the conversation was about to be honest, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out.

One of the girls can be seen with a very sly smile on her face in front of a Victoria’s Secret, surrounded by a crowd, when suddenly it is replaced with something else – a sharp pair of blows that land her on the floor.


In our second video, we get to witness a few people lying on top of, what appear to be, deeply discounted flat-screen televisions at a Walmart. Where else?


And, in this last video, a riot breaks out when a group of young men can be seen throwing large items at people inside the lower-level of a mall.

I guess they didn’t get to the door-buster items in time, and thought they’d show their dismay in a constructive manner.



Featured image courtesy of Mirror UK

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