THE MOST Ridiculous Obama Theory Of All Time Revealed: Prepare To Laugh Your A** Off (VIDEO)

It would be refreshing to say something like “this is truly unbelievable,” but it’s not.  It’s completely believable, completely ridiculous, and quite possibly the funniest thing you’ll ever see.

Watch in amazement as “scholars” make a leap of faith fiction that crosses thousands of years, a few ancient languages, speculation touted as fact and utter silliness to come up with the name Jesus Christ himself uttered as the true identity of Satan: Barack Obama.

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It’s not quite that simple. Hopefully you’re paying attention. In order to come to this conclusion you have to take a few bible passages and first interpret their meaning. Then you have to translate that meaning to ancient Greek. . . for some reason.  After that you have to understand that Jesus spoke Aramaic, which has zero to do with ancient Greek, but somehow creates a relationship between words that eventually, when translated to Hebrew, give us the name of the Anti-Christ.

The Official right-wing Christian nut job name of Satan is “Baraq Bamah.”

No, it’s not a joke. This story was actually published on Conservative Post, and if you read the comments, you’ll see just how absolutely clueless the people who vote Republican truly are.

This is a must-watch, must share video for anyone who enjoys seeing history, vocabulary and common sense destroyed in the name of smearing the black guy.

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