The Most Hilarious Rant About Idiot U.S. Exceptionalists Hating On Syrians You’ll EVER See! (IMAGES)

The issue of Syrian immigrants coming to the United States has definitely become yet another red versus blue party line topic. On the left, you have logic, reason and compassion, wanting people fleeing for their lives to have a safe haven like our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents did. On the right, you have hate and fear advocating for the continued whitening of America, crying about terrorists and the certain destruction of our society that will accompany orphans and widows.

Do we take in the victims of ISIS looking to flee from beheadings or do we give in to the fear that out of 10,000 people, a few well-vetted moles may sneak in looking to do us harm? The answer is fairly obvious if you’re not a cold-hearted conservative jerk looking for your next reason to complain.

A small Facebook page called Gin and Tacos recently went on an all-caps rant that perfectly sums up the situation and the bigots who refuse to open their hearts and minds to the thought of saving the lives of people because they lack the understanding of their actual situation.

Enjoy this rant in all it’s glory, and give Gin and Tacos some love in the form of a like for their page. You won’t regret it.


Featured image via Facebook

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