‘The Collective Wisdom Of Pat Robertson,’ Brilliantly Condensed By Jimmy Kimmel (VIDEO)

Media mogul minister Pat Robertson may speak too slowly for anyone to get the gist of his messages. And he speaks for far too long on his broadcasts of “The 700 Club,” too.

That’s why Jimmy Kimmel recently offered this condensed version of Robertson’s messages on a recent broadcast of his “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” show, which airs late-night weekdays on ABC.  And this “Collective Wisdom” collection captures the foundation of the Christian Broadcasting Network chairman, who turns 85 this year, in just about 60 seconds. Watch:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgfZDueU6Tc&w=640&h=360]

Kimmel has hosted “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” since Jan. 2003. While sometimes bordering on sensitivity, even once prompting a White House petition, it’s safe to assume that few will find his Robertson collection offensive.

As for Robertson, though? Well, everyone’s welcome to find *him* offensive, and for many good reasons, considering the freakish and pseudo-religious claims he’s made over the years.

Recall Robertson’s claims that gays cause hurricanes, feminists practice witchcraft to destroy capitalism, Hugo Chavez should be assassinated, and the State Department should be struck with nuclear weapons. Oh, and ladies? It’s your fault if your husband’s cheating on you. So you should send him money before liberals become more like Jew-slaying Nazis.

H/T: Jimmy Kimmel Live! | Image: Daniel Oines via Flickr (modified)

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