Texas Students Hold ‘Mass Farting’ March In Protest Of Mock Mass Shooting (VIDEO)

Gun rights groups converged near the University of Texas campus Sunday to hold a “crisis performance art” of a mock mass shooting. They wanted to show to students what a mass shooting looks like and how long it takes police to respond to a crisis, all to stoke the fears of students to make the case for openly carrying guns on campus.

But the small group of gun enthusiasts/crisis actors from the group called “Come and Take It Texas” were out-staged by a large crowd of counter-protesters shouting:

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“We fart in your general direction!”

Andrew Dobbs, a UT alumnus and the organizer of the mass farting, said the counter-protest wasn’t about guns, but rather laughing in the face of fear. Dobbs also told a crowd of cheering protesters:

This isn’t about guns necessarily. This is about scaring our community. This is about a choice between fear and a little bit of good humor. We are in a scary time right now and lots of scary things are happening, and some people want us to be more afraid. And some people want us to surround ourselves with the tools of violent threats, to scare others.

I choose to believe that fear is not the solution to the threat of our time. That laughing in the face of fear is a courageous act and toting a gun around everywhere you go, maybe not so much. When you come to my community, to the university that I love, and you threaten the lives of my friends, what I have to say is, I’m going to fart in your face!

Several people held fart noise makers, others wielded dildos and others danced to “fart techno” blasted from speakers. The crowd of protesters chanted “We fart in your general direction!” and “Texas Farts!” as they marched down Guadalupe Street, the very street where several people died in a mass shooting decades earlier.

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The University of Texas is home to our nation’s second-worst mass shooting at a university. In 1966, UT student Charles Whitman brought an arsenal to campus and killed 14 people, wounding 32 others. Obviously, no one needs a bunch of gun humping jagoffs to stage a mass shooting on the campus, when all students have to do is look into the school’s history to see the result of a mass shooting.

This protest and counterprotest have gotten nationwide attention after the school’s security task force reluctantly okayed students carrying handguns into classrooms. The mock shooting was an attempt to show that having students with guns on the scene if a mass shooting were to occur could be lifesaving.

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Pro-gun reform proponents disagree. Activist Michael Cargill told Fox News 7 Austin:

We know what’s going to happen if there’s a mass shooting. I don’t need a bunch of idiots to get together and tell me what a mass shooting’s gonna look like, we have criminals that show us that all the time.

Come and Take it Texas” deserves merciless mocking, being farted on and laughed at by our nation.

Dobbs is absolutely right; we can’t fall prey to our fears. We can’t let criminals win. We can’t arm ourselves to the teeth and think this will solve our nation’s problems. We must engage in meaningful discussion, demand better for ourselves and future generations and castigate those who don’t.

Oh, and if you want to check out the mock mass shooting video, click here. It’s downright idiotic and not at all realistic.

Watch the hilarious protest:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ginSJuzQLsI?rel=0]

Featured Image via YouTube (screen capture)

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