Ted Nugent Never Served A Day, Says He’s A ‘War Hero’ Because He Played A USO Show Once

Ted Nugent, musician, NRA-member and right-wing nut job, spent the past week posting anti-Semitic rants to social media sites. Now, the suspected draft-dodger is claiming he qualifies as a “war hero” because he was at a USO show once in Iraq.

Seriously folks. We couldn’t make this stuff up.

The redneck rocker started out his unhinged week of anti-Semitism by declaring gun control was a Jewish conspiracy. His bigoted tirade even had a photo of Jewish lawmakers, each pictured with the Israeli flag, with a caption that read: “Who is really behind gun control.”

Not surprisingly, many people have called him out on his delusional hatred, even his own followers, but his response shows just how bat-shit crazy Nugent really is.

In a reply to one of the comments on his Facebook page, Nugent went all out and proclaimed himself a bonafied “war hero.”

Ted Nugent responds to criticism of anti-Semitism by declaring himself a "war hero." Image via Facebook screenshot

Ted Nugent responds to criticism of anti-Semitism by declaring himself a “war hero.” Image via Facebook screenshot

Nevermind the fact that he has never served a day in the armed forces. He played a USO show in 2004, and that’s good enough dammit!

Pretending to be a soldier during his USO tour, like a little kid playing dress up, is the closest this cowardly POS ever came to being in the military.

 I carried my own machine gun over there,” said Nugent. “It was quite intense.

There is still a running debate as to whether he qualifies as a draft dodger and squirmed his way out of serving in the Vietnam War. Mark Nelson of Sparks wrote:

[Fact Checker] said that since Ted registered for the draft and did not go to Canada, he is not a draft dodger. A quick Google check shows the definition of a draft dodger is someone who ‘evades compulsory military service.’ It says nothing about Canada or failure to register. By his own admission, Nugent faked symptoms and used drugs to keep from being drafted. Nugent is a draft dodger.

Ted Cruz, creepiest of all the Republican clown car candidates, somehow still considers praise from the deranged Nugent to be something to brag about… although considering the racist angry mob mentality that makes up the GOP these days, it isn’t exactly surprising.


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