Surprisingly Good: New The Daily Show Host Promises To ‘Continue The War On BullS**t!’ (VIDEO)

The new Daily Show host, Trevor Noah, led us gently into his new position as the host of the show made famous by John Stewart. Trevor described the comedy and political genius as, in many ways, our political dad, and lamented the fact that dad has left, so it is a little awkward for all of us. Trevor is not an American, nor is he female, white, or any other arbitrary things that many were looking for in the new host for The Daily Show. What he does bring, for sure, is the promise to continue to war on bulls**t.

Covering the facts of how he got the job was enough to start the laughter, and his first bit is classic Daily Show plus awesome swag. All in all, this new Daily Show looks to be a quality show, despite the loss of John Stewart. The comedy background that Trevor brings with him along with a real understanding of what the world sees when it looks at America can only add to the mix that has made the Daily Show a monster hit on Comedy Central.

Without further ado, judge for yourself:

Feature image via screen capture from YouTube

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