Steve Buscemi And Stephen Colbert Mock John Kasich In Hilarious Interview (VIDEO)

On Friday, actor Steve Buscemi was The Late Show with Steven Colbert, and Colbert brought up Buscemi’s weird connection with Republican primary challenger Ohio Governor John Kasich.

Colbert noted that Kasich has an intense hatred for one of Buscemi’s most memorable movies, the 1996 film FargoThe talk show host pointed out that Kasich hated the movie so much that he devoted three pages in his book titled, Stand For Something, reliving his horrible experience with the film in vivid detail. Colbert had Buschemi read an excerpt from that section of Kasich’s book:

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When Karen [Kasich’s wife] got to the part where they chop up a guy in a grinder, we looked at each other and thought, ‘What the heck are we watching here?’ It was graphic and brutal and completely unnecessary, and it rubbed us in so many wrong ways, we had to shut the thing off in the middle,” Kasich wrote. He later pushed Blockbuster to drop Fargo from its shelves.

Spoiler Alert: the “guy in the grinder” Kasich referred to was Buscemi.

The actor then revealed to Colbert that he had financed a short film in about Kasich’s diatribe, and he had even brought a clip to share with Colbert’s audience.

The film, of course, turned out to be a hilarious sketch starring Colbert as the nutty Blockbuster Video store manager and Buscemi as John Kasich.

Here’s the video.

Featured image Screengrab via YouTube.

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