Stephen Colbert’s Competitors Offer Him (Bad) Advice For His New Show (VIDEO)

On Tuesday night, Stephen Colbert started his new career, although it’s not that much different from his old one, only in his new job, rather than playing a political pundit, Colbert is playing himself as a mainstream talk show host.

The video, of course, is tongue in cheek, but it was pretty biting. His talk show competitors all wished him well, sort of. Actually, they were giving him very bad advice for his show. Jimmy Kimmel suggested that Colbert be rude to the guests and wear a lot of cologne. Conan suggested that Colbert buy real estate, I guess assuming his show wouldn’t last.

Larry Wilmore, who took Colbert’s Comedy Central time slot said, “You’re at 11:30 opposite me, mother*cker. So don’t go too fast, alright?”

Bill Maher said, “Do a character. No one wants to see you.”

Here’s the video:

In all reality, Colbert has a lot of pressure on him for his opening show. He has a huge following with a demographic that doesn’t normally watch late night talk shows. In fact, his previous demographic doesn’t even watch much TV. Obviously, CBS wants him to broaden his appeal and they want him to do it quickly.

Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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