Someone Dubbed Donald Trump’s Voice Over Darth Vader In Star Wars And We Can’t Look Away (VIDEO)

Nearly everything Donald Trump says seems outlandish. Rarely does he say anything that appeals to anyone but the far-righties. So, it may seem really bizarre to pair his actual statements with Darth Vader in Star Wars. And, well, it kind of is. But, it’s also funny in that SpaceBalls-ish kind of way.

In one scene Trump Vader advertises for Trump Steaks:

If you like your steak, you’ll absolutely love Trump steaks. Trump steaks are the world’s greatest steaks and I mean that in every sense of the word. Trump steaks are by far the best tasting most flavorful beef you’ve ever had. And the Sharper Image is the only store where you can buy them. Until now, you could only enjoy steaks of this quality in one of my resort restaurants or America’s finest steakhouses. . .

Watch the bizarre video here:

Featured image via video screen capture

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