SNL’s Psycho Kellyanne Conway Stalks Jake Tapper In Hilarious ‘Fatal Attraction’ Sketch (VIDEO)

After Kellyanne Conway’s made up massacre this past week, CNN has declined to have her on their programming due to credibility issues. SNL took notice of this and, of course, had to have their fun with it. You will not be disappointed!

After Jake Tapper, played by Beck Bennett, closes his show for the evening, he returns home to his apartment and flips on the lights, only to find Kellyanne (Kate McKinnon) waiting for him in full on Fatal Attraction style.

Tapper, obviously shocked to see Conway waiting for him in the dark, asks her what she’s doing there.

I just want to be a part of the news, Jake. What was I supposed to do? You weren’t answering my calls, you changed your number. I’m not going to be ignored, Jake!”

Jake, as calmly as he can, explains that he can’t have her on the show. “You made up a massacre, Kellyanne.”

“But I miss the news. I want to get mic’d. I want to feel that hot, black mic pressed up against my skin. Let me taste the news on your face, Jake,” Kellyanne begs, while licking his face.

“You need to reach inside me, and you need to pull out the truth.”

The rest of the sketch is about as crazy as it gets, but then again, so is Kellyanne! Watch the full video here:

Featured image via video screenshot

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