SNL Rips Republican Candidates A New One After The Recent GOP Debate

This week’s Saturday Night Live opening skit definitely went off on the Republican presidential candidates. After all, the cast had plenty of material after Thursday’s sixth GOP debate on Fox Business.

One of the best parts was the performance by Ben Carson’s doppelganger. He made sure to catch every bit of crazy that comes out of that man. While watching the skit you realize that while this is hilarious, it depicts Carson perfectly. Which is pretty scary considering how far he got early in the campaign.

SNL is a New York based show, so it was no surprise when they mocked Cruz and his “New York values” comment. Their interpretation of Cruz’s remark was pretty spot on. It seems that Cruz has no idea about true “New York values” and would rather generalize an entire area based on assumptions.

No candidate was safe on this episode. Jeb Bush was portrayed as a whiny girl, Chris Christie as an overly aggressive hot head whose only thrill in life is to bad mouth President Obama and Marco Rubio as a young, boot wearing presidential candidate who fails to understand why he isn’t gaining traction in this race.

Check out the hilarious clip below:

Featured image via video screenshot

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