‘Sniffing Donald’: The Internet Wants To Know Why Donald Can’t Stop Sniffling At The Debate (VIDEO)

Someone call Dr. Oz,  Trump’s health seems to have taken a turn for the worse. If you’ve been watching the first presidential debate, you may have found yourself trying to figure out the reason for Donald Trump’s incessant sniffing. You’re not alone.

Though I just assume he is severely allergic to the truth, the internet has been blowing up with speculations from bird flu to pneumonia and even cocaine use and its hilarious.


Even though Donald Trump often comes off as a sniveling whiny baby, the amount of sniffing tonight was over board and hard to ignore. While suggesting he may have dabbled in a bit of booger sugar prior to the event was all in jest, he deserves to be subjected to the same speculations that Hillary Clinton was over a simple cough.

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