Skipping Black Friday? Here’s What You’re Missing! (VIDEO)

Who can resist half-priced televisions and 70% off toasters?  Reasonable people who don’t consider the threat of being trampled and mauled to save a few bucks, that’s who.

I get it.  Christmas can be tough, and saving a hundred bucks on something your kid really wants can go a long way towards putting more gifts under the tree, but is it really worth it?

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My one and only Black Friday outing ever was to Walmart (I know, I’m a horrible human being) after the economy crashed.  I worked my way through the mob, got a ticket for a 32″ TV for $119 and stood in line for hours.  After I got the item I made my way to the front, battling overflowing shopping carts and at one point someone who looked like they were ready to kill me for my TV, and waited in line another 45 minutes to pay for it.

After waiting in yet another line to show someone proof I had paid I finally got out of there, having lost several IQ points, almost 6 hours of my life and my self-respect.

Was it worth it?  Of course not.  A month later my son opened his new TV and we plugged it in, only to discover the HDMI ports weren’t working.  It’s OK, though, Walmart is there to help.

I was informed by customer service that Black Friday TVs were made and packaged especially for that event, so they didn’t have one to replace it.  I was, however, welcome to use the TV as credit towards another, full-priced TV.

In the end my total savings was negative six hours.

Boycott Black Friday.  For the workers and for your mental health, wait until Monday or Tuesday and pay a few bucks more.

Image: Screengrab from YouTube

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