See For Yourself: 15 Seconds Of The Dumbest Thing Anyone At Fox News Has Ever Said (VIDEO)

When President Obama sat with Chris Wallace recently, he made the statements that Republicans have their own TV station, to which Wallace informed him it was OK to say “Fox News.” The president went on to same that the Democrats had the same thing. It’s not a secret. There’s not some conspiracy to keep the uneducated and misinformed out of the loop, it’s just reality. Fox News is a right-wing propaganda machine, just as MSNBC could be considered left-wing.

The difference is, the people at MSNBC don’t just know it, they accept it. Ask Rachel Maddow if she has a liberal bias and then spend the next God knows how long listening to why. Liberalism is for progress. Liberal minds have brought us to where we are and conservative BS is the only thing holding us back.

Conservatives, on the other hand, call their propaganda machines things like “fair and balanced.” They pretend, for some reason, like they don’t have a bias at all. They go through their whole day playing the part of a person who believes the nonsense they are spewing isn’t mostly rhetoric and lies but actually news. This actress takes it to the next level, however, including things about journalistic integrity and such, which just gets too funny to bear. Enjoy!

Featured image via screen capture

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