Romney Displays His Likeability In A Boxing Ring With Evander Holyfield (IMAGES/VIDEO)

In what appears to be Mitt Romney’s latest and most feeble attempt at a Presidential bid yet making himself seem likeable, he agreed to a staged boxing match with Evander Holyfield. The match is intended to raise $1million to benefit Charity Vision, after Romney was motivated after seeing the work that the organization does. (Josh Romney is the volunteer part-time president of the organization.)

He enters the venue and the ring with a hollow, and perhaps unauthorized, rendition of “I Will Survive.” What some might find even more entertaining is:
– The announcer’s flubs like “two of the world’s most recognizable heavy won’t–weights”
– “Both enduring low blows in their respective heavyweight careers”
– Anne Romney wearing a sideways “ghetto” batman baseball cap

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Here’s a screen capture with Romney’s “Red Suit and Tie”:

Romney Holyfield Red Suit and Tie

The next screen capture shows that Mittens worked long and hard preparing for this staged fight:

Romney Shirtless

Surprisingly, the commentary is actually really funny–which I wouldn’t expect from a pill like Romney.

Romney and Holyfield about to square off

Looks totally believable, right?
Romney and Holyfield Pretending

Is there any significance in the fact that the WHITE MITTs are beating the BLACK Holyfield…?

White Mitt Beating Black Holyfield

I know the suspense of who “wins” the fight is probably killing you so WATCH the entire “fight” — which is oddly hilarious in some moments — HERE:


Here’s the “knock out punch” for those who don’t wish to stomach the entire charade:

Featured image via screen capture from the full video above.

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