Robin Williams Predicted Our Gun-Crazed Culture 30 Years Ago (VIDEO)

We are closely approaching two years of life without the whimsical and feverish mind of Robin Williams. Sadly, Robin left us all when he committed suicide in the summer of 2014, and life just hasn’t been as funny.

Robin Williams was famed for his outlandish improvisational skills and noteworthy performances in such major films as Good morning Vietnam and Good Will Hunting. But he was also an incredibly sharp political mind who always had something lucid to say about our intellectually and morally bankrupt political system. His live stand-up comedy special on Broadway, for example, was layered with many sharp political barbs.

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Where did they get Sarah Palin? . . . Did Ronald Reagan have a kid with Posh Spice? It’s like she came from some reality show — ‘Project Running Mate,’ quipped Williams when discussing the biohazard level 3 disaster known as Sarah Palin.

But one of his  funnier (and cutting) performances came in 1986 when Robin shed light on America’s violent culture. Of course, our gun culture was just in its infancy, and not the full-blown senior citizen with dementia that it is today. But Robin saw the writing on the wall and called out ammosexuals before the phrase even existed.

Watch the brilliant performance below:

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