Righties Want EVERYONE To See This Picture Before The White House ‘Has It Taken Down’ (IMAGE)

Oh those silly right-wingers.  They’ll use just about anything to mobilize their base against the President.

The latest “scandal” is a picture of the President firing a shotgun that conservatives are convinced needs to be shared before the White House swoops in with its empirical control over social media and has it removed from existence:



OMG!  The President exercising his second amendment right to bear arms?  It just can’t be.  Surely this picture was leaked by an anonymous source looking to harm the president’s reputation.

Or not:




The picture the righties claim needs to be shared before the White House has it taken down was in fact released by…The White House.

With more than 420,000 shares, the right-wing lunatics of social media have once again proven themselves to be willing to make complete fools of themselves over nothing…again.

These pictures they post never cease to amaze me, considering whenever you right-click on one you have the option to search the web for that image:


With a single click on that option I was able to find the original image and the CNN story, which is over two years old.

The criticism for the White House’s censoring of social media posts pales in comparison to the torrent of comments from gun-nuts unsatisfied with the way the President is holding the weapon:

Ummm. So a lot of people don’t notice that he’s holding it incorrectly? Must be Obama supporters.

Look where the butt of the rifle is… He doesn’t know how to shoot correctly. He probably didn’t get much chance growing up in Hawaii and then living in Chicago.

“Hipacritical(sic)…. Hes banning guns and yet he is out shooting no to mention that he has is hand on the barrel and the stock is a little high haha.”

And of course for good measure here’s the racist in the crowd:


Should you desire to join the liberals who are taking these maroons to school about the second amendment, the non-existent Obama gun-ban or just to interject some logic into a completely illogical post, it can be found on the Facebook page “Campfire Stories,” along with a bunch of other idiocy aimed at keeping wingnuts upset over nothing.

Featured Image: White House.gov

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