Right Wing Heads Explode As FOX Pays 20 Million Dollars To Gretchen Carlson, Issues Public Apology (TWEETS)

Gretchen Carlson has settled her lawsuit against Fox News for the sum of 20 million dollars. The shocking part of that settlement isn’t the cash, though, it is the “highly unusual public apology,” that Fox has also issued that has conservative heads exploding all over Twitter.

In statements, Fox and Carlson both acknowledge the settlement, but Fox also apologized that Carlson was not “treated with the respect and dignity that she and all of our colleagues deserve.” Code or not for, “sorry Roger Ailes told you that the two of you should be in a sexual relationship and because you had problems with the culture here and, honest, it was all his fault,” it is still an apology.


The settlement has trolls crawling all over Carlson’s tweet from this morning, featuring a glowing headshot with the caption “I’m ready to move on to the next chapter of my life…” treating her exactly like she claimed she was being treated by Fox News. Because that will show people that sexism is dead, right?

screen capture from Twitter

screen capture from Twitter

Not all of the trolls are immediately recognizable as right wing nut jobs, but most give it away quickly — like this one:

It seems that he is upset about her not continuing with her lawsuit, but then, he is outed by another Twitter user as a homophobic bigot… not usually something found on the Left side of the political spectrum.

Most responses are supportive, it takes guts to stand up to the kind of harassment and culture of misogyny that was described by Carlson in her accounts of the abuse. Fox isn’t quite admitting it, but the apology makes it quite clear that to settle, they couldn’t just sweep it under the rug.

But, the trolls, they won’t let us forget that, though Gretchen Carlson put a face and name (followed by many others) to the fact that women are often subject to this kind of abuse it isn’t just in the workplace.

The fact is, some people are just looking for an excuse to drag a strong woman through the mud. She stood up when many other women in exactly the same boat never did. She forced the media giant to apologize, and was compensated for the abuse — all without admission of guilt, sadly — but she has opened the door for other women to stand up, too.

Some are still using her husband’s net worth to undermine her, because obviously a woman’s decision to settle or not should rest on her husband’s income.

You see, some people are mad because they feel they should get a settlement because life is hard, and others are mad because a woman could be compensated for abuse. You know, because simply being treated like a sexual receptacle isn’t really abusive, if you are a neanderthal asshole, anyway.

However, most people are happy, because this is a Davida V. Goliath: and Davida won. That, and it is just possible that people who consider themselves compassionate human beings believe that no one should be abused.

Not Greta Van Susteren, though. She appears to be pissed. So pissed she is leaving Fox as of now, she isn’t even going to be doing Tuesday night’s show. She had supported Ailes.


It seems that conservatives, from Twitter trolls to Fox News personalities, just can’t handle a woman not being crucified for having the guts to report sexual harassment.

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