Republicans Try To Insult Obama During State Of The Union, Walk Right Into Epic Comeback (VIDEO)

President Obama’s sixth State of the Union address will likely go down in history as one of his best speeches ever. It was positive, upbeat, and he managed to burn Republicans with a smile on his face. It was in short: absolutely brilliant.

Obama started his speech by discussing our economic recovery and what he wants to do to help the middle class, parents, children, veterans etc. Through the entire first half of his speech, John Boehner sat behind him refusing to clap with a look on his face that screamed,”My hemorrhoids are killing me!”

"I really wish I'd brought my butthurt cream."

“I really wish I’d brought my butthurt cream.”

Boehner wasn’t the only angry bear refusing to acknowledge all of the good things that have occurred under Obama, the rest of the Republican Party also refused to clap until the end of his speech when they attempted to diss him.

Obama was wrapping up his comments and said, “I have no more campaigns to run. My only agenda…” However, Republicans cut him off with enthusiastic applause at their joy that he will soon no longer be president. It was definitely a douchey moment for the GOP and they thought that they had really insulted him. They were wrong.

President Obama responded to Republicans’ disrespect with the quick wit he is known for and said,”I know, because I won both of them.”

Democrats rose to their feet and thunderously applauded him. Obama took it all in stride, flashed his legendary smirk, and continued with his prepared remarks.

It was definitely a drop the mic moment for a president who has faced more obstructionism and disrespect than any other president in recent memory.

It was also a moment that made liberals proud.

President Obama has spent his entire presidency trying fix our nations problems without any help from the right. He’s managed to make this country better in spite of them. That is the sign of a true leader.

Last night was definitely a win for Obama and his presidency has been a win for our country.

Watch Obama burn Republicans below:

H/t| Featured image via Young Democrats of America


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