Republicans Terrify Me: Seven Reasons Why The Right Wing Is Awful (OP-ED)

I Find ISIS Pretty Terrifying But Republicans Are Scarier

The Middle Eastern terror organization, ISIS, has very little impact on my life. If they did, I’m sure they would top my list of terrifying things, but alas they only come across my news feed every time they commit an atrocity in their country, and then I generally don’t think about them.

But, Republicans are all around me. I’m drowning in a sea of them in my red state. Saying, “If it weren’t for Obama ______,” is a common way to greet someone, even strangers. They have an impact on my life — all of Americans’ lives — and this, in theory scares, the bejesus out of me.

Listening to the line-up of GOP presidential hopefuls is giving me nightmares. The poll numbers are sending chills down my spine. The general direction the party has been headed for years is out of control and it’s been thundering towards us at murderous speed.

Seven Reasons Republicans Are Horrible

7. Donald Trump is doing well in the election: Donald Trump most likely can’t win a primary election; his wide berth over all other candidates is uncanny, something very few people would have predicted, and that’s probably what’s most terrifying. After Trump said racist, ignorant things about Mexican immigrants everyone predicted the fallout would be great. He was dumped by several companies, his popular reality series The Apprentice was canceled by NBC and no one thought he would make it past one debate.

But he did.

He was awful during his debate, just ignorant, vague and bumbling — and he emerged as one of the favorites.

This is terrifying. The voter base of the GOP actually cares very little about a completely sexist, racist, idiotic imbecile with plans for America that are illegal; they love him because he’s funny. He has a 10-point margin over like 1,000 other Republican candidates. We are living in the beginning of the end if this goes on much longer.

6. Ben Carson is a brain surgeon: I will never understand how a man so smart that he can perform brain surgery on tiny little child brains can be so allergic to science, empathy and logic.

Dr. Carson is the sharpest tool in the RNC’s toolbox, and that’s scary because he comes off as pretty f*cking stupid. Like, he’s a doctor who believes men change their sexuality in prison. He’s a doctor who believes the number one killer of African Americans is abortion, when it’s really heart disease. And as for lack of empathy, he has some even tougher stances on immigration, recently stating he would police the Mexican-American border with drones. All of this is egregious coming from one person, but it’s just so much more mind bogglingly f*cked up coming from a highly successful doctor.

Thanks for the nightmares, Ben.

5. Abortion: Republicans’ views on abortion are from the 19th century. Lately, they’ve begun to broadcast aborted progeny all over the Internet to pull on people’s heartstrings, because before the latest videos people were supposedly unaware that abortion resulted in an embryo/fetus dying. Who knew?

As a result, every single Republican candidate is completely against Planned Parenthood, abortion, and some candidates are so extreme they want women and doctors who have or perform abortions to be arrested on murder charges. The second runner-up, Jeb, wouldn’t even allow abortion in cases of rape, along with several other candidates who feel the same way. Mike Huckabee and Scott Walker also want to prevent abortion when even the life of the mother is at stake. For f*ck’s sake! That is terrifying.

4. Piety is the new pink: The religious right are carrying the crosses of persecution because they can’t be hateful $hitheads to people they don’t like. There were preachers threatening to set themselves on fire if gay marriage became legal, which it did of course, and while no preachers followed through with it, that’s pretty damn insane.

We see people like the Duggars and the Bates all over TV advertising a birth control-free lifestyle. They smile and laugh onscreen, hug and kiss and advertise a lifetime of subjugation of women, a swearing off of conventional schooling and a complete rejection of science. But they look really happy. Most cult members do, but ask Josh Duggar if fundamentalism is the answer. I’m betting he’ll tell you fundamentalism is great, but Maury Povich has determined that is a lie.

But the Fundamentalists are not going away. They’re organizing and infiltrating government, courts and schools with their flimsy religious freedom arguments so a new generation is exposed to their plight. They’re working within the system to implement their beliefs into law, and for a lot of people that means taking a GIANT step back as a country.

This terrifies me.

3. The Kochs’ money: Nearly a billion dollars is going into the Republican campaign from only one family. The billionaire brothers are spending more than both the Republican National Committee AND the Democratic National Committee. It’s an astounding amount of money, considering the guy who gets the job only makes $400k per year. That’s not what scares me, though.

What scares me is seeing just how much damage a politician who owes the Kochs favors can do. Looking at Kansas, Governor Sam Brownback is one of the Koch’s favorite pets. The governor eliminated income tax, but put his state into massive debt that can only be balanced by massive cuts to schools, social programs, and infrastructure. Job growth is sluggish, and that is the essence of what a Libertarian-Conservative state would look like. A state that benefits the few while the masses make due. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s state looks similar; he’s the Kochs’ favorite little darling and he’s still a contender in the Republican primary.

And the Kochs want to take the state-level experiments they’ve been running to the national level. The Kochs will do everything within their power to get a far-right candidate onto the main stage, and given the sway of things, they may be successful.

<Breaks out in cold sweat…>

2. They get more upset about their guns than destroyed lives: The lack of empathy for victims of brutal gun violence is astounding. The most recent incident would be the nine members of a church killed by a right wing extremist during bible study, but instead of feeling for the victims, or perhaps allow the country to grieve, the paranoid faction of the right wing immediately began their high-pitched whine over the issue of their gun ownership being threatened via sensible regulation.

Even more sickening, after 26 people, mostly 5- and 6-year-olds were brutally gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary, they immediately began to cling to their guns. The NRA swooped in and assured the gun-humpers everything would be fine. And it was, we actually saw looser regulation and laws on guns after Sandy Hook than before because Americans are insane.

These are people that cry about the thought of aborted unwanted fetuses, but will shed a tear for their guns when kids are brutally murdered six years into their lives. The hypocrisy makes me angry.

It also terrifies me. These people are collecting massive weapon stockpiles, and they’re getting politicians to change laws to make it easier for them to buy and carry said weapons even though study after study shows that more guns in a state leads to higher gun crime.

I need my mommy.

1. Ignorance is supreme: The worst, scariest, most alarming thing of all is ignorance is celebrated. When you can pretend scientists are all involved in an elaborate conspiracy to undermine right wing ideology, there’s really nothing you ever have to accept as a fact. When facts disappear there’s wide-scale confusion. Truth is labeled fiction and anyone can implement their own version as long as they have power. It’s quite scary.

And that is why Republicans scare me. They don’t want to undo a law or two, they want to pack Americans into a time machine and zap us straight back to the pre-Civil War era.

And they don’t show any signs of stopping. They have a majority hold over the House and Senate; they want the presidency so they can stack the U.S. Supreme Court full of conservative justices and then they will have total control over the central government. That’s a frightening prospect.

Featured image via Frightening Prospect

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