Reince Freaks Out After Steve Bannon Grabs His Thigh On Stage At CPAC And People Are Dying (VIDEO)

CPAC got off to a rocky start when Trump’s ragtag team of Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus took the stage. The appearance was meant to be a rallying cry for conservatives who have quickly gone from pride to shame during Trump’s first month in office. Things did not go as planned. Instead the pair became an instant and humiliating internet meme.

And all because Steve Bannon couldn’t keep his hands to himself.

While sitting on the stage sponsored by the NRA and the Heritage Foundation, Bannon inexplicably placed his hand on Priebus’s thigh and it was not appreciated.


While it’s possible Priebus was just creeped out (Trump’s White House is run by a man accused of more than a dozen sexual assaults, remember), it also shows just how mutually unliked everyone is on Trump’s team. There is constant fighting, backstabbing and drama. Lincoln had a team of rivals, Trump has a team of children. Even when they are trying to fake it on the stage, they can’t.

Featured image via Twitter

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