Police Ask People Not To Tweet About Brussels Lockdown — Belgians Respond With ‘We Haz Kittens!’ (TWEETS)

Brussels has been on high alert since it was discovered that one of the terrorists responsible for the terror attack in Paris was from the capital city of Belgium, and it appears that is where he has fled. For days, Brussels has been on lockdown as authorities continue raids in search of possible attackers.

Prime Minister Charles Michel said:

I indicated yesterday that what we are concerned about an attack similar to the one that was carried out in Paris involving several individuals and maybe targeting attacks on several sites simultaneously.

As Belgian police continue to search for suspected terrorists and they fear a “serious and imminent” threat — they also worry that their plans will be foiled by leaks on social media. So, they directly asked citizens to avoid divulging information about what may be happening on their streets.

The Belgians responded positively. In fact, they have taken it one step further. Rather than just remaining mute, allowing the few clueless (or even malice) individuals to provide details that could assist terrorists – they flooded the hashtag #BrusselsLockdown with pretty much the best thing imaginable. . .

Cat Pictures!

Here are the best ones we found.

While these tweets may seem trivial and even flippant in light of such horrific danger – Alexander Smith of NBC News said it well:

While ostensibly frivolous, the viral meme’s effect was threefold. It enforced the Twitter radio silence, buried any tweets that might harm the operations, and eased some of the tension in what has become an anxious city.

Well done, internet. Well done.

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